Learning English Effectively for Beginners – NML

English is becoming an international language. It is the dominant language on the Internet; most of contemporary publications are in English. Learning English is a way to communicate with the world and to access to the world knowledge. However, learning English is not an easy job, especially for one who has less exposure the language. The followings are some recommendations for someone who begins to study language.

The first thing one has to face when he/she learns any new language is vocabulary.

Another difficulty for beginners is listening comprehension.

Although one can understand what other people are speaking, it does not mean that he/she can speak out his/her own thoughts. Speaking skills also take time to practice.

Reading is another important skill a beginner should practice. Reading comprehension is the gate to the information world and the academic world.

The last and also the most difficult skill for beginners is writing. One may think that he/she has just learnt English, so writing is not important, and that he/she can develop this skill after other skills have been improved. I

Learning English requires learners’ attempts and time to practise, and the integration of four skills is necessary. One cannot master English in one or two days and during the study process, the learner will realize that he/she needs many other skills. Following the preceding recommendations, a beginner will keep a positive attitude towards English, which is important.

Nguyen Mai Linh (M5120451)

Course 213503

Instructor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Siriluck Usaha

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