Is English learning difficult or easy? – NML

Is English learning difficult or easy? There is no absolute answer for that question. In some aspects, it is easy; in some others, it is difficult. Similarly, different people will have different answers and millions of reason why it is easy or it is difficult. Let’s divide learning English into learning different aspects of English and analyse how easy or difficult each aspect is.

For pronunciation, it is difficult to have exactly the same pronunciation as a native speaker, especially when you are old enough, but it is not difficult to have a pronunciation which is comprehensible for a foreigner.

For grammar, it has to be said that English grammar is not that difficult as French grammar or some other languages, but it is still difficult to Vietnamese learners.

For vocabulary, it is difficult because there are so many multi-syllable words in English, which is not true in Vietnamese.

For reading, if you have good grammar knowledge and a large vocabulary, it is not a problem.

For speaking, it may difficult to speak fluently and have perfect intonation as a native speaker.

For listening, once again the difficulty lies in the fact that we do not have an English speaking environment, so we can practice listening to it on daily life basis.

For writing, like reading, good grammar and good vocabulary ensure more than 50% chance of being a successful writer.

In conclusion, we can say English is difficult but it is not so difficult to be impossible to obtain.

If you have motivation to learn it, English become really easy and relaxing to learn.

Nguyen Mai Linh

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